Full Detail Level 3

  • 8 hours 30 minutes
  • $250-270
  • 2nd Avenue

Service Description

This service is for heavily soild vehicles that havent been detailed before. These vehicles have been poorly maintained and are typical with customers with children, farm/work vehicles. Heavily soiled center consoles and door panels will be cleaned and dressed. Seats & carpet stains are treated with the proper chemicals and steam cleaning and hot water extraction are a must to remove these stains. Seat removal is sometime necessary and will increase the pricing. As far as the exterior this service is an upgrade over the Level 2 service focusing on light polishing, paint decon and protection. This service is for customers unhappy with the level of gloss on their vehicle. This service is not intended to make the paint work perfect or remove heavy swirl marks. However, a light polish can remove some minor swirl marks and general clearcoat oxidation making the vehicle much more reflective. This polishing along side proper paint decontamination can make your paintwork feel smooth to the touch, much glossier and alow the sealant to bond properly, thus lasting longer and beading water amazingly well. ​ Approximately 7-10hrs ​ Interior -Vacuuming of Seats and Carpet -Aggitation of Carpet Fibers via Compressed Air -Heavy Floor Mat Shampooing & Hot Water Extraction -Dash & Door Panels Cleaned & Dressed -Steering Wheel Degreased -Center Console Cleaned & Steamed -Seat & Carpet Heavy Stain Removal -Seat & Carpet Steam Cleaning -Seat & Carpet Hot Water Extraction -Windows Cleaned -Door Jambs Wiped Down ​ Exterior -Foam Cannon PreWash -Bug Removal -Face and Drums of Wheels Cleaned -Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed -Door Jambs, Emblems, Intricate Areas Brushed with Soft Bristle Detailing Brush -DeIonised Water Used for Spotless Windows/Paint -Two Bucket Wash Process -Light Iron Removal -Light Tar Removal -Clay Bar -Dryed via Forced Air & Quality Microfibers -Trim Cleaned and Dressed -Water-Based Tire Dressing -Exterior Glass Cleaned -Window Sealant Applied -Trim Masked off to Prevent Staining from Polishing -Light Polishing -Light Exhaust Tip Polishing -Si02 Sealant Applied to Painted Surfaces

Contact Details

  • 118 2nd Ave, Chesapeake, OH 45619, USA

    + 1 7407448510