Ceramic Coating

  • 10 hours
  • $155-1020
  • 2nd Avenue

Service Description

The ultimate in paint protection! This service layers your painted surfaces and wheels (additional) with a silica dioxide layer, commonly reffered to as a ceramic coating. In order to apply the coating the prep work takes time and contains heavy compounding and polishing to remove any imperfections in the paint work. Then all oils have to be removed from the vehicle before the coating can be applied. Benefits Include Ultra hard coating - scratches reduced by 50% due to ceramic nano particles, which create an extremely hard finish that is scratch-resistant and durable. Weather-resistance - provides durable protection against rain, sun, salt, bugs, acids and anything else mother nature throws at it. The anti-corrosive coating holds up in all weather conditions. High gloss shine - coating thickness ranges from 0.7 micron ~1.5 micron. This thickness with a perfectly corrected paint underneath results in a deep, reflective shine. Hydrophobic finish - provides incomparably strong water and oil repellency. This hydrophobic effect prevents water spots and oily stains from attaching to the paintwork. This coating beads water like no other! Easier to clean - nano particles fill in tiny imperfections in the paint to make it perfectly smooth. Therefore, dirt and dirty water cannot settle into any crevices. No more waxing or sealants needed. Plus, the slick surface is anti-static and makes washing the vehicle easy! Lifetime - this coating last 2yrs and gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have a sacrificial clear coat protecting your vehicle in the best way possible.

Contact Details

  • 118 2nd Ave, Chesapeake, OH 45619, USA

    + 1 7407448510